Doug Kammerer: Meteorologist interrupts live weather report to call family about Washington DC tornado warning

NBC Washington’s chief meteorologist paused in the middle of a live weather report to call his family to make sure they were aware of a nearby tornado warning.

Doug Kammerer of Storm Team4 was on the air at 8:45 p.m. Thursday night when the warning came from the National Weather Service.

Live on TV and holding his cell phone, he noted that the storm system’s path on the weather map takes it “right over my house” in the northern part of Greater Washington, D.C., suburbs and in Maryland.

As viewers watched, Mr Kammerer called his son at home and asked him to come down immediately and stay there.

Ending the call, he said, “I have to warn my kids because I know what my kids are doing right now, they’re probably playing online and they’re not seeing this.”

He continued: “So we have a tornado warning, hopefully they saw it on their phones. A lot of us got it on our phones.

Mr Kammerer resumed his live weather reports and thankfully minutes later the NWS canceled the tornado warning.

One Twitter user wrote that Mr. Kammerer “held an absolute masterclass with NBC Washington during a tornado [warning] on how to live stream. 45 minutes straight without hyperbole, useful information, with relatively limited incoming data, used all available resources. Good work.”

The meteorologist responded to a tweet of a video from the moment saying, “Yeah, had to tell my family! The kids were home alone and I knew they weren’t watching me on TV! They are safe. Thank you!”

He added: “Scary moment for me though, I was freaking out a bit inside.”

Mr Kammerer has been hailed online as a good dad and for showing how to take a weather warning seriously.

Severe storms roared across the DC metro area with heavy rain and powerful winds Thursday evening, prompting two tornado warnings and causing damage in Tysons, Va., where a tornado may have touched down.

The National Weather Service will assess the damage and video Friday to determine if there was a tornado.

“I think it will be a confirmed tornado,” Mr. Kammerer said on the Friday morning show.

Dale D. Schrum