December winter weather report for your region


The weather has taken a turn in almost every state across the country. The weather is changing and snowfall in the mountains after cyclonic storms in southern India is showing its impact on the plains. Even before the start of December, the temperature in northern India started to drop.

According to information from the meteorological service, there is a possibility of dense fog in parts of Tripura. At the same time, the central part of the South Bay of Bengal can move at a speed of 65 km / h. For this reason, fishermen have been advised not to go to this area.

The meteorological department says that at the start of the week in December, the temperature in northern India could drop to around 11 to 10 degrees Celsius. This should further increase the cold. However, there is relief from the flowers of the sun during the day in states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, etc. But nighttime temperatures continue to drop.

In contrast, the cold has increased across the country, including in Calcutta, the capital of West Bengal. In a statement issued Monday by the regional headquarters of the meteorological department in Alipur, it was said that the highest temperature in Calcutta was recorded at 29.1 degrees Celsius. In contrast, the minimum temperature reached 15.7 degrees Celsius. When the temperature reaches around 15 degrees, it gets very cold at night and in the morning. In West Bengal, the temperature is generally cooler in other parts of the state than in Calcutta. The minimum temperature in the hilly areas of North Bengal has fallen to around five degrees Celsius, due to which the regions are already experiencing severe cold.

The cyclone formed due to the depression created in the Bay of Bengal turned to Tamil Nadu. For this reason, the skies of West Bengal are clear and not cloudy. Because of this, the westerly winds come in easily and the cold increases more.


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