Daily weather forecast for KCAU

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The morning begins with temperatures in the 50s and southerly winds already reaching up to 15 mph. Expect these to rise just as we will see temperatures rise throughout the day. Temperatures will hit the 80s for most of the region, keeping summer like the weather, while winds will increase to over 15 mph with gusts reaching 35 mph.

Most of the day will have clear skies in the area, but this changes in the evening when a cold front moves through the area. The winds will still be strong passing from the NW with some cloudy periods. There are minor chances for a few showers for the region with an emphasis in eastern Siouxland for the evening and early tomorrow morning. Even a marginal chance of extreme weather in the east. Rainfall accumulation will be less than one-fifth of an inch.

Some splashing possible Wednesday afternoon but accumulation remains light. Conditions will still be windy for a while longer in the region as temperatures drop in the wake of this frontal pass. Expect highs to be in the 60s for the rest of this week as evening temperatures drop into the 30s after that.

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Dale D. Schrum