Adam Krueger impresses with backyard green screen weather map


AUSTIN, Texas – On May 4, Spectrum News meteorologist Adam Krueger marked 98 years since twin tornadoes swept through Austin, Texas, killing 13 people, injuring dozens more and causing enormous damage materials. It was the most devastating tornado in the city’s history.

On Thursday, May 4, 1922, a funnel cloud separated into two tornadoes, one of which would have been an F2, and the other a possible F4.

The tornado believed to be an F2 struck the University of Texas at Austin campus, removing roofs from some buildings and completely destroying others.

The allegedly F4 tornado caused destruction at St. Edward’s University and elsewhere.

Interestingly, when Krueger posted the tornado video to social media, people were just as interested in how he made a weather map on his lawn. They were also curious about how he maintains such a green lawn. He followed the original video with an explanation for both.

And that’s all it took: a green garden, an app, a wizard and a little ingenuity.


Dale D. Schrum

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