A UK weather report has been linked to a ‘Don’t Look Up’ music video

The UK has officially broken its all-time high temperature record as the heatwave sweeps across Europe. On July 19, the Associated Press reported that the UK weather agency Met Office recorded a provisional reading of 40.3 C (104.5 F). The previous record set in 2019 was 38.7 C (101.7 F), nearly three degrees colder.

For context, normal high temperatures in the UK in July hover around 20C (high 60s to low 70s F).

Everyone knew the heat wave was coming. Over the past week, social media has been filled with tips for staying cool – both genuine and fun – as well as far too many comments portraying Brits as wimps for not being able to handle the heat. As one British TikTok user explained during last year’s heat wave, the British Isles don’t have the infrastructure for temperatures of 90 or 100 degrees. Their buildings are designed to retain heat, not repel it. Air conditioning is rare. The humidity makes the heat even more oppressive. And people just aren’t physically conditioned for it, accustomed as their bodies are to moderate temperatures.

Heat waves are severe and dangerous. Meteorologists warned that even this short wave would lead to deaths. Axios reported that more than 1,900 people have died in Spain and Portugal due to extreme heat over the past two weeks. Now that the heat has hit northern Europe, we’ll see the toll in the weeks to come.

Climatologists have also warned us for years that runaway climate change will lead to more extreme weather events, such as storms, wildfires, droughts, and more frequent and violent temperature fluctuations. Sure, there have been heat waves in the past, but not as extreme as these and not breaking records as frequently as they have in recent years.

Climate change is already here, we are already seeing its impact and some people are still in denial. Example: A surprising exchange on British television between a presenter and a meteorologist.

Ben Phillips shared the segment associated with a famous scene from ‘Don’t Look Up’ in which Jennifer Lawrence’s character tries to impress on interviewers the seriousness of what she was saying, only to end up with a lighthearted and unsettling . brushing. The comparison is chilling. Look:

People responded with a predictable “We’re doomed” comment, but we should really see this clip as a wake-up call. We have to understand that there is will be to be people in positions of power and influence who will try to downplay the gravity of what we face as a planet, but that doesn’t mean they will succeed in convincing the masses. On the contrary, this clip perfectly shows how climate change denial is so blatantly absurd that it is utterly reprehensible.

We are not helpless here. We have a voice and we have a vote, and we must use them to influence those in power to take meaningful action to mitigate climate change. Easier said than done, of course, but the alternative is as unthinkable as the meteor hurtling toward earth in “Don’t Look Up.” Only in this case, the solutions were more difficult to find than with climate change. We know what to do. It remains to find the collective will to do so.

Dale D. Schrum