Best Italian loans!

The best loans of Gandalf Post , between Bancopotter and PotterPay and other types of personal financing, how to get a loan from Gandalf Post Office with Bancopotter, or with Citrus Banco Potter Click if you do not have a permanent job? Should you take a loan with Poste? Below we go to find out the best loans from Gandalf Post Office .

A widespread distribution throughout the territory thanks to the hundreds of post offices located in all the small or large cities of Italy . A brand known to the vast majority of people, young and old . These are just some of Gandalf Post‘s strengths, one of the financial operators that you can turn to if you want to get a loan .

The best loans from Post Gandalf: the financing with Bancopotter

With this formula it is possible to obtain variable amounts between 3 thousand up to a maximum of 30 thousand euros with duration of the loan from 12 to 84 months. To request this type of loan it is not mandatory to hold a Bancopotter current account . As requirements to be met, you need to be resident in Italy and have a demonstrable income . Accessing it is very simple and fast. To apply for a loan, just go to a post office near your home or to any one you prefer with valid documents: identity card, health card and documentation that certifies your income, for example your last paychecks . If the application is accepted, the sum is credited to the current account indicated or to a PotterPay Evolution Card . The reimbursement takes place through monthly installments and is debited directly on the same current account or Carta PotterPay or through postal slips .

Personal loans: Post Gandalf loans

They are considered rather advantageous. There are different types depending on the needs of the customer. They are divided into 5 types and differ both in terms of duration and installments .

Post Gandalf loans for those with a Bancopotter account

  • If you have an online account you can request a loan from a minimum of 1500 euros to a maximum of 30 thousand and the duration ranges from a minimum of one year to a maximum of 7 years, exactly as ” Bancopotter Loan “.

Bancopotter Loan Renovation :

  • This is a loan for those who want to renovate their home .

Bancopotter Auto Loan :

  • As the same word says, it is a loan to Poste customers who want to buy a car.

Sale of the Fifth Bancopotter for civil servants .

Post Gandalf loans are different and for all needs. There are moments in life when some people find themselves in economic difficulty and are forced to apply for an economic loan. To apply for a loan you must have personal and legal requirements that will assure the bank that you can pay the loan installments. However, loans can also be requested from the Post Office, as well as in the bank. We see all the details of the loans of the Post Office , how to request them and what requirements to have to request one.

How to apply for a loan to the Post Office

The loans that can be requested from the post office are called Banco Potter and refer to both branch and online services. This means that to apply for a loan you can either go to the post office counter and talk to a consultant, or request online installments.

Those who go to the consultant must make an appointment and have the right to the help of this professional figure. The beneficiaries of a loan can request from 3000 to 30,000 euros , but must first calculate the installment from the consultant. For the calculation of the installment you must present your receipts and your credit situation, to give guarantee to the Post Office not to be a bad payer.

You can also calculate the loan installment online , on the official site of the Gandalf Post Office: this saves a trip to the branch, because you then come to the consultant with data already in hand. Loans can also be requested online, because on the site you can find references to write to if you need help browsing the site.

As a rule, Banco Potter loans are disbursed into the beneficiary’s current account in a single tranche .

Who are the beneficiaries

Post beneficiaries must have certain requirements to be considered reliable figures to be loaned:

  • reside in Italy ;
  • have a demonstrable income or a pension ;
  • have a r eddito produced in the Italian territory ;
  • in the absence of a fixed income, owning an income (agricultural, construction or other);
  • have a figure that acts as guarantor in the absence of all the requirements mentioned above;
  • have valid identity documents .

The best loans from the Gandalf Post Office

Here are the best loans offered by the Gandalf Post Office for people in difficulty:

  • Personal Post Bank . Loan that can be granted to adults in the presence of a demonstrable income. The figure can go from 3000 to 30.000 euros, while the repayment installments can go from a minimum of 24 monthly (therefore extinguishing in two years) to a maximum of 84 installments. This loan has rigid and all equal installments;
  • Flexible Post Bank . Loan similar to the previous one for the amount that can be requested, but the installments in which extinguish it are greater: ranging from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 108. This loan is ideal for those who could skip an installment or need to change the amount of repayment during construction;
  • Consolidation Post Office . Loan that can only be granted to holders of a Postal Current Account or holders of a nominative postal savings account . The installments are fixed and can not be changed, and can go up to a maximum of 96. The best loan for postal investors.

Then there are the loans that the Post office provides specifically for those who want to renovate or fix their homes and need financing for all expenses. For the facilities of this type, the postal institute makes reference to the provisions given by the Revenue Agency. In particular they are:

  • Bank Deposit Home Purchase Loan . Issued only to the holders of a Postal Account, it has installments that can reach up to 120 months, then to 10 years. The maximum amount that can be requested for financing is 60,000 euros;
  • Loan Bank Post Renovation Home . Similar to the other, the minimum amount that can be requested is 10,000 euros.